About Polectic

Products and service Polectic can provide your business.


With over 10 years experience on within the team, your solutions will be designed with the future as well as the past in mind.


Polectic has proven skill and advanced knowledge, let us analyse your business to design the best solution.


Our team is always learning, on the bleeding edge of new products and services, always evaluating trends, incorporating into our solutions.

Polectic Services

Polectic SharePoint Apps allow site owners to enable common business functions, as well as delivering tailored solutions.
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Polectic Android Apps bring power to your device with advanced tools and then relax with your spare time and play some of our fun games.
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Polectic Cloud Services, take the stress out of hosting your service and applications. Polectic will manage and maintain your online services.
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Polectic Consulting: expertise in Microsoft, SharePoint, .NET, Android and Azure. Leverage over 10 years worth of solution delivery.
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